Advanced Wound & Post-Surgical Care


Making life easier for patients
and providers

Providers have been looking for simpler, more effective ways to improve the outcomes of their wound care patients. The problem, however, is the lack of control over something that is unpredictable, such as cleaning and caring for the wound at home. Luckily, we have the solution.

Our ONE BOX is a complete package of high-quality wound care daily dressing materials that arrives at the patient’s door. The provider prescribes it and we handle the rest. The patient gets our ONE BOX right away, with everything they need in one convenient, customized dose.


Everything together in one box

Pharmaneek offers superior wound and post-surgical care with the ONE BOX, which has everything a patient requires for a one-time dose of daily dressing.


Delivering a great patient experience

Patients appreciate the ONE BOX because their daily dressing arrives in a convenient, clear package that aids their wound healing quicker and better.


Personalizing after-surgery care

With one easy step, practitioners can stand out by prescribing the ONE BOX – customized patient aftercare that reaches their door.


We connect care and delivery

The ONE BOX lets doctors provide patients with the best of care – even after surgery. The ONE BOX has all the items patients need for a one-time daily dressing, customized for their specific needs:

  • Collagen (in powder or matrix form), based on wound/incision size
  • Pair of gloves
  • Saline for wound cleaning
  • Gauze
  • Bandage covering (based on wound/incision size)


When patients get the ONE BOX, they know that the care continues after the surgery. You become their ally in healing – not just their provider.


A prescription for better post-surgical healing

Clinically Superior

– American College of Surgeons recommends collagen dressing as a post-surgical treatment

– Single-use dressing promotes adherence/compliance

– Collagen can reduce scarring

Patient Experience

– One, easy-to-use, small, simple kit with everything needed for daily changes

– 1 box vs. 4 boxes of medical supplies

– Shipped to patient’s home


– CMS guidelines are reimbursement positive for wide and sustainable adoption across all patient mixes and surgical procedures

Using the SMARTKIT

A Step-By-Step Guide

We understand how vital it is for providers to offer the best possible care for your post-surgical and wound care patients. That’s why we’ve made the SMARTKIT, which has everything a patient requires to manage their incision or wound effectively.

SMARTKITS have everything they need, customized to their specific needs. When they get their SMARTKIT, they’ll realize that the care continues beyond your office. You become their ally in healing – not just their provider.


The collagen connection

The American College of Surgeons says that collagen “keeps wound moisture and speeds up healing.” Daily, post-surgical collagen dressings help healing, lower SSI with faster closure, reduce inflammation, and lessen scarring. The SMARTKITS have collagen matrix sheets that are:


  • Pure Type 1 Native Bovine Collagen
  • Highly absorbent porous collagen sheets
  • Soaks up wound fluid to make a protective gel
  • Does not stick
  • Breaks down and matches the body
  • No additives, synthetics, or fillers


The SMARTKITS collagen dressing also has different sizes for all kinds of wounds – a special feature only from Pharmaneek.