Pharmaneek offers white-glove service from insurance benefits checks to front door delivery. Your supplies are important, so count on the company that understands your needs.

What We Do

Your health is your top priority. At Pharmaneek, your health is our top priority. Having partnered with industry-leading medical and diabetic supply manufacturers for over 20 years, Pharmaneek has earned the reputation, accreditations, and approvals consistent with the level of excellence you deserve.

We understand that navigating the ins and outs of insurance, coordinating coverages with your physicians, and ensuring you have the right medical supplies delivered right when you need them can be a complicated process. That’s why we have worked hard to establish solid partnerships with more than 500 private insurance providers nationwide. Our highly-trained team of experts stays focused on alleviating the burden of insurance and physician paperwork processes.


Pharmaneek goes above and beyond to ensure consistent, exemplary service that not only meets your needs, but goes beyond to make managing your healthcare easier. Our commitment includes complimentary services such as:

  • Determining insurance coverage requirements
  • Gathering physician documents and records
  • Billing insurance or Medicare directly
  • Fast, free shipping on all orders
  • Automatic reorder reminders
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee is for Pharmaneek services. Products must be returned unopened within 30 days for any refunds. Other terms and conditions apply. Product warranties are provided by manufacturer and subject to their terms and conditions.


From the comfort of your own home or office, you can now join over 1 million satisfied customers who rely on our staff of courteous, knowledgeable, and trained Pharmaneek customer care representatives to keep you up-to-date with your medical and diabetic supplies delivered right to your door.

Step 1

Once you have received your diagnosis and prescription from your physician, get started today with Pharmaneek. We’ll ask you for your physician's contact information and insurance details.

Step 2

Your Pharmaneek team will then coordinate between your physician’s office and your insurance provider to gain approval and file a claim for your medical supplies.

While the timing of this process is based on the response time from your physician’s office and insurer, rest assured that your Pharmaneek team will coordinate with you regarding the completion and submission of the specific forms and requirements required by your insurer.

Step 3

Once approved, Pharmaneek will ship you a full 90-days of the medical supplies you need via FREE priority shipping. When it’s time to reorder (based upon your insurance provider), you’ll receive convenient reorder reminders via text, call, or email.

Step 4

Reordering is easy! You can reorder via text or by calling 1-866-241-6885.

By providing you with 90 days of medical supplies—as opposed to only 30 days from other suppliers—Pharmaneek reduces the number of times you have to even consider reordering to only 4 times per year.


Here’s the best part: getting started is simple, fast and easy!

We’ll coordinate your medical supply needs with your doctor and insurance company to ensure you receive what you need, when you need it. It’s that easy!

Simply sign up today and we'll do the rest.

If you have any questions, you can always call 1-877-840-8218.