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Pharmaneek Pharmacy

Pharmaneek Wound Care Box


Provide everything you need for your patients to perform proper dressing changes at home.  Pharmaneek Wound Care Box are available for 30-Day or 15-Day treatment lengths based on your patient’s individual wound care needs.

Each Pharmaneek Wound Care Box includes:

  • Collagen Matrix
  • Saline Wound Wash
  • Choose From Two Options for Secondary & Supportive Dressings:
    • Pharmaneek Bordered Gauze + Gauze Pads
    • Rolled Gauze + Sterile Gauze + Paper Tape

Recommended For:
Management of burns, sores, blisters, ulcers, and other wounds

HCPCS Coding

  • Bordered Gauze Kits: A6021, A6219, and A6216
  • Rolled Gauze Kits: A6021, A6446, A6402, and A4450
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