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Pharmaneek's UneekDose™ transfers your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications into presorted packets clearly marked with the date and time they should be taken. A 30-day supply is delivered to you in a convenient dispensing box.

Take Control of your Medications

  • No more running to the pharmacy to get your meds filled.
  • No more sorting bottles.
  • No more pill boxes.
  • No more calling in refills.
  • No more forgetting to take your medications.
  • No more wondering about wrong or missed doses.
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The Right Way to the Right Medication at the Right Time
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Right medication at the right time

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UneekDose™ Benefits

UneekDose™ Helps You
Pharmaneek’s licensed pharmacists presort and prepare each customized UneekDose™ pack per the physician's instructions. These are packaged in an easy-to-access strip separated by doses and times/days of the week. It includes all medications in one convenient package.
UneekDose™ Helps Your Doctor
Pharmaneek Pharmacy provides physicians with information needed to provide better care. We provide your doctors with a printout of all of your current medications, along with time and dosage. Pharmaneek Pharmacy also works one-on-one with your doctors to ensure proper dosage and eliminate drug interactions.
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Your co-pay stays the same

We accept most major insurance plans, including most forms of Medicare Part D.
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Get text and email alerts on your smartphone

Before each shipment, we send you a message asking if you need to update any medications or your shipping address.
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Do I need to get all new prescriptions?

No. When you sign up for an account we’ll ask for some identifying information and the location of your current pharmacy. Once you confirm that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions, we will call your old pharmacy and make the switch. If any of your prescriptions have no refills remaining, we will contact your prescriber(s) for a new prescription. Information retrieved from your former pharmacy includes: medication name, strength, directions for use, quantity, original refills, refills remaining, prescriber, first fill date, last fill date. This allows us to know when you will run out of your current medications and allows us to find an ideal start date for your prescriptions.

What happens if I get a new prescription?

If it is a medication that should start right away, we will ship you an interim supply to carry you through until your next supply arrives. For drugs that should start immediately, like an antibiotic, we recommend filling at a local retail pharmacy. If it’s not urgent, we will wait to start the medication until your next cycle starts to decrease confusion. We ship a new UneekDose™ pack every month.

What do you do about dose changes?

If you have a medication with frequent dose changes, we may put that medication in a separate packet, or send a standard pill bottle with clear instructions. We do this so that you can easily change your dosing without changing the rest of your UneekDose™ pack. In all situations we work closely with you and your healthcare provider to deliver the solution that best fits your unique situation.

What if my prescription has specific directions?

Every UneekDose pack comes with a Medication List that includes images and instructions for each medication. We make it very easy to understand how each medication should be taken. We can also put specific medications in a separate packet to reduce confusion.

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