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Weightloss & HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin has been used in weight loss programs since it was first introduced by Dr. Simeons in 1954. It is typically used in combination with a very low calorie diet of around 500 calories/day. HCG is thought to promote retention of lean body mass and decrease appetite during the dieting process, which leads to healthier weight loss and sustainable results. 

Because of its structural similarity to luteinizing hormone, HCG is also frequently used to prevent testicular atrophy in men who are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. 

Our pharmacy offers lyophilized HCG products, which allows for affordable shipping and longer shelf lives. The vials come in a variety of strengths from 2500 iu to 20,000 iu, and the sterile powder can be reconstituted with any volume of diluent up to the size of the vial. This allows us to provide our patients with a customized diet that they can start at their convenience. 

For patients that are hesitant about injectable medications, we also compound HCG sublingual tablets and drops. Contact us for more info.