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RxLocal Mobile is an easy-to-use mobile application that allows the our customers to manage their entire family’s prescriptions, order refills, and manage medication reminders. Creating an account with RxLocal is easy and secure. You can add all of your family members for quick access to their prescriptions, too!

  • Order Refills Directly from Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

    You can download the RxLocal application directly from the Apple or Android App Store

  • View Your Pharmacy Profile

    Customers can easily and securely view their drug history, prescriber information, insurance and allergies. This makes it even easier for patients when reviewing medications with their prescriber.

  • Receive Mobile Medication Reminders

    Customers can set up prescription reminders directly from their mobile devices, encouraging a more structured medication regimen.

  • Manage Refills for Your Entire Family

    Customers and their family members can be linked to a single account, which makes it even easier to refill for one or all members of the family with one simple login.

You can use also complete the form at the bottom to refill your prescriptions.