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For Multi-Dose Medication Management, Give Your Patients the UneekDose™ Advantage
UneekDose™ is the ideal solution for your pharmaceutical needs, helping make your daily operations more efficient while positioning your staff to provide better care. Delivering the highest standard of quality assurance in pharmacological management, the UneekDose™ system reduces patient error, provides continuity of care, and streamlines the pharmacy process. We maintain the most current and timely medication records for each patient to ensure accuracy and compliance.
UneekDose™ Helps Your Patients
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Decrease medication error and overdosing
  • Comply with doctors orders and appointments
  • Obtain automatic refills and FREE delivery
  • Allow more time for care through an efficient system with NO EXTRA PAPER WORK FOR NURSES
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Boost Your Patients Medication Adherence with UneekDose™



Percentage of prescriptions that make it to the pharmacy
Percentage of prescriptions that get picked up from the pharmacy
Percentage of prescriptions that are taken properly
Percentage of prescriptions that are refilled as prescribed
Source: National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Pharmacies: Improving Health, Reducing Costs, July 2010. Based on IMS Health data.
Get Started Now
Available below are blank forms to print or download for any new medications. Please have the prescriber sign and fax them to 1-317-536-3100, and we will take care of the rest.

For maintenance therapy, Pharmaneek Pharmacy will fax a preprinted medication request in advance to avoid a routine prescription not being filled on time.
Pharmaneek Pharmacy's Prior Authorization Program
If you and your staff are interested in our prior authorization program that reduces the amount of time spent by medical staff completing forms and calls made to insurance companies, please call us at 317-293-1700.
Non-Prescribing Professionals
If you would like to refer a patient to Pharmaneek Pharmacy, please fill out and fax the Patient Referral Form to us or click here for online submission. We will take care of the rest.