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Your co-pay stays the same

Pharmaneek is the only pharmacy dedicated to making your life easier. When you switch to Pharmaneek you get:

Presorted Meds

We sort and package your medications in pouches labeled and marked with day, date, and time of dosage.

Free Home Delivery

We hand deliver your medications to your door at NO EXTRA COST.

Proactive Refill Management

We manage your refills and follow up with doctors to get new prescriptions or prior authorization.

Customer Support

Our licensed pharmacists are standing by to take all your questions via email or phone.

Become a New Patient

Am I Eligible?
Pharmaneek Pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and private-pay insurance. Pharmaneek Pharmacy bills the insurance companies, and as the patient, you are responsible for your regular co-payment, as applicable.
What Is Included?
  • 30 Days to Pay: Our Co-Pay Account Management Program (CAMP) process bills monthly. Invoices for your standard co-payments are included with each UneekDose™ shipment, no pre-payment required. We accept all forms of payment: cash, check, money orders, and all credit cards.
  • Free Home Delivery: No hidden fees, no extra charges—30-day delivery from our pharmacy is absolutely free.
  • Medications presorted at NO EXTRA COST
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