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UneekDose is a service that improves every instance of taking your medication. Your medication management is now simplified and organized.

Managing Your Medications Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

Managing multiple prescriptions can be a very challenging task, and the statistics prove it.


American adults take more than 5 prescriptions every day. But...


of Americans don’t take their meds as prescribed.

Isn’t it time that a pharmacy made it easier for you to take your medication?

We think so.

Say Hello to UneekDose

We’ve redesigned every part of the pharmacy experience.

We simplify your medication management and ensure that you take your medications exactly as your doctor prescribed.

We do the hard work, so you’ll:


Never Sort Your Medication

We sort your medication by the dose into individual packets.

Never Wait in Line at the Pharmacy

We deliver directly to your door, every month.

Never Chase Down Refills

We work with your doctors to automatically manage your refills.


Medication Therapy Management

Our services now include working with your drug plans to offer Medication Therapy Mangement, also known as MTM:


There is no area of greater importance in the transition of care than correct medication management. Improving the transition of care is the heart of our service and program development at Pharmaneek. When patients are discharged from the hospital or other care facilities, the primary concern of healthcare professionals is how patients are going to cope up with the transition. Managing medications can become a difficult task and can often lead to a preventable trip to the ER. Medication management can be a challenge because: the patient may have mutiple medications, can have multiple prescribers, is not filling the medication on time, does not understand the side effects or intended effects of the medication, and/or is confused on how to take the medication. UneekDose™ from Pharmaneek can help by sorting and organizing the prescription drugs. UneekDose™ helps the patients to manage their medications effortlessly, error free, and exactly as prescribed.

Pharmaneek's Long Term Care Services a wide array of services designed to meet the specialized needs of long term care patients. Our services are focused on delivering the most appropriate pharmaceutical care at lower costs. This includes:

Pharmacy Services

  • eMAR

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

  • Medication Delivery

  • Punch card Medication Dispensing System

  • Stat Box

  • Emergency Box

  • Medication Carts Providied

  • Treatment Carts provided

  • Fax Machines provided

  • UneekDose

Consultant Services

  • Monthly Drug Regimen Review

  • Drug Destruction Assistance

  • Available for QA meetings

  • Med Pass Observations

  • Formulary Assistance

  • Clinical Guidelines

Educational Programs

  • On-Site Services

  • Medication Administration In-services

  • IV Therapy Classes

  • Need Based Programs

  • Video Library

  • CEUs Available for Certain Programs

  • Reference Books provided

Medical Charting

  • Physicians Orders

  • Medication Administration Records

  • Treatment Administration Records

  • Behavior Monitoring Records

  • Management Lists

Infusion Therapy

  • Hydration, Antibiotics, Pain Management, TPN

  • IV Box/Stock Provided

  • Maximum 3-day Supply

Cost Containment

  • Price Quotes Prior to admission

  • Pharmacist review of new admissions

  • Meeting with staff to discuss cost containment

  • Discuss formulary with Physicians

  • Adjust day supply for short stays

Billing Office Assistance

  • Prior Authorization Assistance

  • Medicare Part D Education

  • Third party Insurance Billing

  • Local assistance for responsible parties with billing questions

  • Billing representative assigned to each facility

  • Notification to facility on residents with delinquent bills in advance of any action

Transitional Assistance

  • In-services prior to start date

  • Action plan with timeline

  • Customer support staff in facility during and after start-up

  • Facility assigned customer service representative

Why Choose Pharmaneek Pharmacy For Your Home Care Services?

Pharmaneek is 100% HIPPA Compliant and follows the JACHO System. Pharmaneek Pharmacy Services gives you UneekDose unlike any other big chain pharmacy (CVS, Wal-Mart, etc.)

Better Quality Life

  • Less Med Errors
  • Less ER/Hospital visit or readmissions

  • NO EXTRA COST to you or your patient

  • Immediate access to medications

  • 25% -50% reduction in cost as there is no medication waste created

  • Caregiver gets more time for patient care as less time is spent on med pass

Drug Reconciliation Done By Us

  • Saves you time and money

  • Prevents adverse drug events(ADEs)

  • Decreased interpretation and transcription errors

  • Patient receives an accurate medication

Drug Evaluation and Consolidation Is Done By Us

  • We review each patient to find out which prescriptions they are taking from which pharmacy and which doctors

  • Combine it together to see if any drug needs to be changed for drug interactions (Different pharmacies and doctors do not talk with each other and that can cause drug reactions)

  • Establishes convenient medication intake for the patient

Free Home Delivery

  • In-services prior to start date

  • Action plan with timeline

  • Customer support staff in facility during and after start-up

  • Facility assigned customer service representative

340-B Solutions

With no up front costs, Pharmaneek Pharmacy helps community health centers provide convenient access to low cost affordable medications through UneekDose™ and free home delivery anywhere in Indiana by our trusted drivers.

Generate New Revenue

Maximize your revenue with Pharmaneek's wide community outreach. Pharmaneek Pharmacy ensures that if a 340B patient pays with third party insurance, health centers receive the appropriate payment. This can be an important source of revenue for your organization.

Expanded Access

  • No more driving to the pharmacy or standing in long lines to get your meds filled

  • No more sorting bottles

  • No more pill boxes

  • No more calling in refills

  • No more forgetting to take your medications

  • No more wondering about wrong or missed doses

  • FREE HOME DELIVERY anywhere in Indiana

Pharmaneek 340-B Benefits

  • No up front costs

  • Complete transparency

  • Compliance support solutions

  • Comprehensive audit support

  • Improved compliance with treatment programs

  • Real Time Management Tools: enrollment, eligibility, reporting

  • Manage virtual inventory

  • Automated drug replenishment with wholesaler

Raise your Level of Care

  • UneekDose™ ensures 100% medical compliance in patients

  • Pharmaneek & UneekDose™ is fully licensed and HIPAA-compliant

  • We run drug interaction checks on patients with multiple prescriptions

  • Fully automated system removes the risk of any med errors

  • Proactive refill management


  • Fully automated system removes the risks associated with regulatory compliance

  • Our computerized system helps health centers safeguard against drug diversion

  • Patients are able to completely follow doctors' orders

  • Pharmaneek's pharmacists proactively manage all the prescriptions and pre-authorization.

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