Simplify your life

No more sorting meds, waiting in line, or chasing down refills.

Simplify your life

No more sorting meds, waiting in line, or chasing down refills.

You’ll need a few things to sign up

  • Your list of your medications
  • Your doctor information
  • Any insurance information
  • Your payment method

We’ll transfer your prescriptions and set up your service

  • We coordinate

    with your doctors and insurance to gather your prescriptions

  • We schedule

    your first shipment and order your refills

  • We package

    your medication by time of day and send them to you

You’ll get the meds you need every month

Pharmacy support

day or night

Automatic refills

before you need them

Free delivery

right to your door


You should know:

We can send urgent meds right away

If you’re low on any medications, let us know and we’ll send them in bottles ahead of your first shipment.

Your first UneekDose ships in about 2 weeks

In that time, we coordinate your prescriptions so all of your medications can arrive together.

Our service is free, you only pay for your medications

Diabetic Education

Program Supervisor:  Annadurai Kuppusamy, M.S (Pharm), RPh

Program Coordinator: Anna Anderson MD, PT, CKTP, CFPS.

Our goal here at Pharmaneek is to provide our residents with the highest quality of care when addressing their medical needs through Diabetic education and training. The end result being, that our residents understand the disease process, the knowledge to know how to make healthy lifestyle changes and behavior modifications to build confidence to continue with their success.

When to refer to us:

  1. At diagnosis

  2. Annually

  3. When complicating factors occur.

  4. When transition in care occur

Services we provide

  • Home and Office Visits

  • Individual Diabetes Education & Training

  • Diabetes Support Classes

  • Diabetic Supplies

Contact Us for More Info:


Phone: 317-293-1700

Address: 7345 Woodland Drive, Suite A

                Indianapolis, IN 46278

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Your monthly medication list

Each month, we send you a detailed list of all your meds and dose instructions. We even include images to help you identify each pill.


Safety is our priority

For accuracy, a pharmacist checks every packet at multiple points in the process. We also review your full med list for any interaction issues.

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