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More than just a Pharmacy

Pharmaneek Pharmacy provides specialized services to patients with individual needs. The standard of service provided to patients and the facilities that care for them go far beyond a retail pharmacy. These specialized services keep patients healthier, safer, and help payers control pharmaceutical costs. Pharmaneek's programs revolve around the following:


Pharmaneek's UneekDose™ makes it easier for patients to remember to take their medications correctly by pre-sorting them and packaging them in easy-to-use single dose packets.


FREE HOME DELIVERY save time & money on gas and medicines. PROACTIVE REFILL MANAGEMENT manages your refills and follow up with doctors to get new prescriptions or prior authorization


Pharmaneek assures Medical Professional that the medications they prescribe are taken as intended.


People with multiple prescriptions can now focus on other important issues in their life. Pharmaneek provides them with simplified and error-free MEDICATION MANAGEMENT.

Pharmacy Leadership

Pharmaneek is fully licensed and HIPAA-compliant, providing trusted, certified pharmaceutical services. Our pharmacists are much more than a white coat. They’ve each been through more than six years of training and can answer any questions you may have about medications, symptoms, interactions, and side effects. At Pharmaneek, we get pharmacists out from behind the counter so their expertise goes to work for you.